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Dicks by Delanie offers a unique, customized, high quality alternative to your run-of-the-mill plastic penis-themed merchandise with their digital designer dickartoons. Each piece of art is created by a professional cartoonist just for you! 


DBD was birthed in 2015 when CEO, Delanie Fischer, was asked to bring a handmade item to a holiday party for a white elephant gift exchange. Delanie decided to paint a coffee mug, and what else would be on it other than a bunch of colorful penises? The mug was an unexpected hit, and soon after, Delanie's friends started asking her for sets of “dick mugs” for their homes. This hobby evolved into Delanie turning characters, celebrities, and loved ones into penis cartoons, and eventually, she was able to leave her corporate day job to “do dicks” full-time (yes, that’s how she gave work her notice). 


Delanie has since added to her team, and their mission is to support up-and-coming artists while spreading laughter all over the world. 


Dicks by Delanie dickartoons are the cutest gag gift for any occasion! Our customers enjoy sending their dickartoons as e-cards, posting them on social media, and printing them on mugs, shirts, cards, tote bags, pillows, phone cases, invitations, and even cakes! Whether you're in need of a hilarious party favor for a bachelorette weekend, a memorable gift for your best friend's birthday, or it's time for a "sorry I've been a dick" gift, we've got you covered. Once you receive your dickartoon, we recommend checking out vistaprint for your printing needs. 



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Delanie Fischer is an entrePEENeur, creative consultant, and podcaster. 


She helps small business owners, podcasters, and performers start and scale their dream jobs, and she's the co-host of Self-Helpless - a top charting podcast with millions of downloads. 


Delanie's background is in comedy and she's been featured on NBC, Lifetime, Fox, Hulu, and VH1.


More about Delanie Fischer

Socials: @delaniefischer


What’s up! I’m Abbey.


I’m Delanie’s little sister

and am currently majoring in nursing.


When I’m not handling dickartoon orders or studying, you’ll find me spending time outdoors, playing sports, hanging out with my family, listening to music, or eating some good grub.


Also, I’m obsessed with Disney and I’m determined to be a princess one day. 


Hi!  I’m Sarah, I’m an illustrator from Ireland, living in Berlin, Germany.

I’m a watercolour artist by day, and a cartoonist by night! 

I graduated from the Limerick College of Art & Design with a BA Honours in Fine Art in 2011, and I’ve been practicing professionally as an illustrator since then, between both digital & traditional mediums.

In my spare time, I like to make music, drinks beers with friends, and make bread.

Check out my Portfolio! 

Instagram: @sarahkilcoyneart


Hello! This here is Riley.

Since childhood, Riley’s found themselves drawn to the world of art from the cartoons on tv to the illustrations in school textbooks. They attended North Central College, graduating with a BA in Graphic Arts, and strive to  work in animation. Riley currently resides in Chicago and has a background in cartooning, illustration, and graphic design.


Other interests include animals, true crime podcasts, and referencing way too many movies and TV shows.

Check out my Portfolio! 
Twitter & Instagram: @felinerye 





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